Charming Nautical

Charming Nautical

I have started to develop a love for all things sailor/nautical. I’ve been looking for an everyday cute and functional crossbody bag and I finally found one! It’s the santa monica crossbody bag from Francescas and it was on sale for $25. Ive been using this bag almost everyday since i got it and its super effecient. It has a long gold chain which is really cute. Only thing is its not adjustable. So if you are someone who likes that option this bag is not for you. Although I still want my Micheal Kors bag from my wishlist this one will have to do on the meantime.




I love nautical as an option for decor. I currently live with my boyfriend and its a constant struggle to find things that i like that arent too “girly for him”. So i think this design is great because depending on how you set it up it can look very neutral and unisex. Im hoping this will be my new apartment design!


3 thoughts on “Charming Nautical

  1. aprettythought says:

    Oh thats great! Yeah if it were up to me I would have the house covered in pastels and chevron!. lol Hopefully when we can afford a home I can give him his man cave so i can have the rest of the house too!. =)

  2. bnewsam says:

    Nautical is awesome! I have a wooden anchor I hang on the wall, along with some seashell motif pillows. It’s fun to decorate with some red/blue/white stripes here and there, too. Living far from the beach/ocean, it’s fun to bring it home! :)

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